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Emergence supports senior executives of hospitals, government facility managers and commercial building owners by providing energy conservation and consulting services. Through cooperative support and expert advice we provide access to new and "emerging" technologies tailored to our individual client's needs which provide dynamic returns on their investments in business paradigms that exceed rational expectations.

Emergence recently released Healthy-Lite, a patented LED product designed for the health-care industry. Healthy-Lite increases energy efficiency, saves money and alleviates problems long associated with fluorescent lights such as headaches, eye fatigue and disruptive circadian rhythm.

Our primary focus is to immediately implement energy cost-savings coupled with the exploitation of a new technology that is now critical to the economic stability of all buildings in the United States. This new technology is Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) as a replacement for traditional linear fluorescent bulbs which represent a rare convergence of technology and market need.

Just as the incandescent light bulb invented by Thomas Edison created a new technology that truly changed the world, LEDs are now the future replacement for all lighting systems developed over the previous 100 years. This next-generation technology has far greater capacity however to reshape the world than the incandescent light bulb ever did.

In fact, there is no other single technology available that can have such a dramatic effect on energy costs and return literally of millions of dollars to the bottom-line other than the future replacement of linear fluorescent bulbs with LED technology.

Emergence Technology Consultants can empirically demonstrate real solutions
with no up-front capital expenditures or out-of-pocket costs.

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